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We have continued to attain the GOLD standard in the Kirklees Healthy Choice award ever since we first applied for it in 2008. It is reviewed by Kirklees every year.

We believe it is important to encourage and promote healthy eating so that children get the essential nutrients to maintain their health. Children should be encouraged to learn about the diversity of foods and tastes available so they can establish likes and dislikes and learn to enjoy meal times outside their family home.

Mealtimes at nursery:

Meal times provide opportunities for promoting development and learning through self serving, discussing quantities, ingredients, setting up, counting, sharing and taking turns.
We do not withhold food or force feed children, but they are encouraged to try. If they do not eat all their meal they will only be given one pudding.
Practitioners sit at the table with the children, to support good table manners and discussions about what they are eating to support their development.
We provide breakfast, am and pm snack, lunch and tea. Fruit is usually the main food given at snack times.

Our menus are planned based on providing children who attend a full day with the recommended amount of fruit and veg, protein, carbohydrate fats and dairy.
We use wholemeal alternatives at most meals such as Brown rice, pasta and wholemeal bread.
We use low salt and low sugar alternatives in products such as beans and jam.
We provide fresh drinking water and milk throughout the day. Water intake is monitored by staff at meal times.
We have 2 water machines one based in preschool and one based in the two’s room, we also have access to fresh drinking water from the kitchen or the toddler room so it is accessible and available at all times for the children in the under 2’s room.
We only use half the recommended amounts of sugar in our baking and desserts that are prepared fresh on the day at nursery.
We plan our menus to use food from different cultures to support the children in developing knowledge of tastes/flavours and learning about the wider world